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(Formerly CSApps)

Are you interested in developing a groundbreaking A.I project under the guidance of an experienced, university-level researcher? Do you want to predict the future, solve real-world diseases, or create a chatbot to write your homework for you? Join our CAMP program!

In our CAMP program, students will be arranged into teams of 3-4 individuals who will then work with an experienced college mentor in order to develop a Computer Science-related project! At the end of the program, all teams will present their findings at an online symposium!

Applications Close: TBD
Program Starts: TBD
Program Ends/Symposium: TBD

Past Projects

Machine Learning and the Star's Life Cycle

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Modeling Cortical and Subcortical Responses to Stimuli with Artificial Neural Networks

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Prediction of Eye Color Using Genome-Wide Association Study

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