The mission behind Codefy

Founded in 2019, Codefy started as a hobby between a small group of high schoolers.

Our Story
Dollars raised

Our Story

Students teaching other students.

Codefy was founded in late 2019 with the goal of creating exciting online events for children & teens around the world.

Today, Codefy is a student-run organization with a network of over 200 volunteers and an active student body with 2000+ enrollments in our couses!

The Mission Behind Codefy

1. Expand Computer Science Education

At Codefy, we believe that a free, Computer Science education should be accessible to everybody.

As a result, we offer free, virtual Computer Science courses at no cost to our students.

2. Help you Grow

Our courses are aligned with national, University-level programming curriculums in order to give our students a leg-up when it comes to enrolling into formal Computer Science courses.

In addition, we also hold a variety of free, fun, and engaging events to help you develop the necessary experience required from most CompSci-related academic programs and industry employers.

3. Grow a Community

We strive to grow our network by developing a friendly online community of Students and Volunteers!

Join our community here:

Meet Our Executive Team

Varshini Subramanian

Fairfax, Virginia
Co-Executive Director of Outreach

Aryaman Kukal

Fremont, California

Lucy Chen

McLean, Virginia
Co-Founder and Executive Director

Anaum Khan

Rockville, Maryland
Co-Founder and Executive Director

Brayden Huang

Great Falls, Virginia
Director of Technology & Logistics

Sydney Belt

Arlington, Virginia
Director of Communications

Sameeksha Garg

Vienna, Virginia
Director of Events

Kaavya Radhakrishnan

Great Falls, Virginia
Co-Director of Outreach

Michelle Ru

Fairfax, Virginia
Co-Director of Events

Caroline Chen

Oakton, Virginia
Director of Finances

Meryl Liu

Princeton, NJ
Director of Marketing

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