Lucy Chen

McLean, Virginia
Co-Founder and Executive Director


McLean, Virginia


Lucy is a sophomore at Columbia University studying a combination of computer science, economics, and astronomy. She started Codefy after teaching her younger brother to code in Python, realizing the power mentorship had in making computer science fun and engaging. As the executive director of Codefy, Lucy enjoys working alongside her teammates to bring Codefy's free coding classes, hackathon, workshops, and many other programs to life. Outside of Codefy, she is digging into construction tech as a venture capital associate at Romulus Capital. Previously, she was a business development intern at Pickle, marketing growth intern at, and astrophysics researcher at the Summer Science Program. Her hobbies include day-trips to the city, exploring different hiking trails and National Parks, and strumming chords on her guitar for her friends to sing along to.