Aryaman Kukal

Fremont, California


Fremont, California


Aryaman is a junior at American High School in Silicon Valley who loves building things with programming and technology, as well as fueling his entrepreneurial spirit by selling his ideas to the world. As the executive director at Codefy, Aryaman works hard with his teammates to bring Codefy's free coding classes, hackathon, workshops, and many other programs to life. Outside Codefy, he conducts research on natural language processing and semantics with PhD professors at Cambridge University and runs an online publication reaching thousands of students internationally. He formerly worked as a software engineering intern at Tech For Good Inc. and a data science researcher at the Aspiring Scholars Directed Research Program. He also frequently enjoys the thrill of competing in hackathons and other coding competitions. In his free time, Aryaman loves playing basketball and cooking up different dishes in the kitchen.