Codefy Java Classes

February 28, 2021

“What is 3/6 in Java?” a mentor asks the Zoom java class. “It’s 0, because they’re both integers!” a student quickly replies. Though the obvious answer seems to be one half, it’s clear that when coding, there are more specifications that one has to consider. 

This is just one of the concepts that is being taught in the DMVHacks Java lessons, which have been in session since April 22nd. The classes are being held for students who would like to learn a new language, or simply practice coding skills so they don’t forget. There are two levels of classes: Java Basic and Java Advanced. Java Basic classes follow the curriculum of the Foundations in Computer Science course, and covers concepts including primitive types and Java libraries. This class is specifically geared towards younger students who are new to the language and would like to learn before starting high school. Over 60 mentors have signed up to volunteer, in order to help others learn and reinforce their own knowledge. Anvi Padiyar, a mentor for Java basic, based on the curriculum believes that it would be “really helpful for kids, especially if they are just learning to code now”.

Their lessons so far have covered topics such as Scanners and variables, which are incorporated into labs that the students work on. An example of a completed lab in the Zoom classroom is shown to the right. The lab shown takes user input to find the area of a square.

DMVHacks also offers advanced Java classes for older students who are in middle and high school. This class follows the curriculum of AP Computer Science A classes. The lessons cover more challenging topics, including ArrayLists and Maps, which are used in a variety of different scenarios, and are tested on the AP exams.The benefit of DMV Hack’s teaching method is that students are given lots of one-to-one attention, allowing them to ask questions more readily.


DMVHacks hopes to continue classes at least until the start of the summer, so that interested students will be able to join along the way. If you are interested in learning something new, be sure to check out the rest of our website! 

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