Python Advanced

Our Python Advanced class will cover higher-level topics such as splicing, list/set/dictionary comprehensions, and Python libraries used in Machine Learning such as Numpy and Pandas!

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About the Course

This class will teach fundamental knowledge about Python which will come in handy for fields of Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence. At the end of the course, students will have the ability to plot advanced graphs using Python libraries and gain a better understanding of the numerous Python data structures!

Prerequisites: Python Basic w/ Codefy, or an equivalent course. A general comprehension of computer programming as well as basic knowledge of Python data structures is recommended.

Recommended software: PyCharm, Jupyter Notebook, Atom, VSCode or an equivalent Python IDE which works with Python 3+

Recommended ages: Middle or High School students

Course Syllabus

Lesson 1 - Data Types

Topics covered:
  • Lists
  • Sets
  • Dictionary Functions
  • Splicing/Slicing

Lesson 2 - List Comprehensions

Topics covered:
  • List, set, and dictionary comprehensions

Lesson 3 - Sets

Topics covered:
  • Comprehensions continuation and set operations

Lesson 4 - Matplotlib

Topics covered:
  • Data visualization with Matplotlib

Lesson 5 - Numpy

Topics covered:
  • High-performance calculations with Numpy

Lesson 6 - Pandas library

Topics covered:
  • Data processing with the Pandas library