Java Basic

The Java Basics course will focus on the fundamentals of the Java programming language needed to progress to the Java Advanced and the Java Data Structures classes. This course is targeted to students with little to no programming experience.

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Anirudh Satheesh
Java Basic Co-Director
Shradha Gandotra
Java Basic Director
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About the Course

In this course, students will learn about Java syntax, loops, Strings, classes, and methods, and will work on labs to demonstrate their understanding of these skills in the context of real-world applications. In the end, students will create a final project culminating all their knowledge to show their mastery of the concepts taught in this course.

Prerequisites: 6th grade mathematics, Pre-Algebra

Recommended software: JGrasp (preferred), Eclipse or BlueJ (any one is fine)

Recommended ages: Middle School or High School students

Course Syllabus

Lesson 1 - Java Syntax

Topics covered:
  • Intro to Java
  • println() and print()
  • Primitive type variables
  • Java Math
  • Scanners
  • Lab

Lesson 2 - Loops and Conditionals

Topics covered:
  • Java Math Library Review
  • Conditional Statements
  • For loops
  • While loops
  • Extra if statements
  • Lab

Lesson 3 - Mid Session Review!

Topics covered:
  • Review of Day 1 and Day 2 Material
  • No Lab

Lesson 4 - String Class and String Methods

Topics covered:
  • Jeopardy Review Game
  • String Class
  • Methods of the String Class(indexOf, substring, compareTo)
  • No Lab

Lesson 5 - Static Methods

Topics covered:
  • Review and Continuation of String class and methods
  • Static Methods (void and return type)
  • Method headers, invoking static methods
  • Pseudocode (code organization)
  • Compartmentalization of code
  • Lab

Lesson 6 - Survey-Based Final Project

Topics covered:
  • Graphics
  • Chatbot
  • Other projects