Java Intermediate

The Java Intermediate course is targeted to students with knowledge of basic java syntax, OOP design, and control statements. This course will mostly be focused on learning classes, objects, and methods.

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About the Course

This course will cover the foundations of Java and go over many of the topics from APCSA including primitive data types, loops, conditionals, objects, and classes.

Prerequisites: Java Basics with Codefy, or an equivalent course (please provide details about the course!)

Recommended software: JGrasp, Eclipse or BlueJ (any one is fine)

Recommended ages: Middle School or High School students

Course Syllabus

Lesson 1 - Java Basics Review

Topics covered:
  • Syntax (Print Statements, Main Method, Semicolon, Curly Braces)
  • Variables (Primitive Types, Casting, Declaring, Initializing, Assigning)
  • Scanners
  • Java Math
  • Conditionals and Loops

Lesson 2 - Strings

Topics covered:
  • Strings Methods
  • Brief Intro to Methods

Lesson 3 - Methods

Topics covered:
  • Void vs Return Methods
  • Parameters
  • Method Headers
  • Brief Intro to Objects

Lesson 4 - Classes and Objects

Topics covered:
  • Instantiating Objects
  • Private Fields
  • Getter and Setter Methods
  • toString() Method
  • Constructors

Lesson 5 - Overall Review

Topics covered:
  • Scope Mini-Lesson
  • Static vs. Instance Methods
  • Methods, Classes, and Objects Review

Lesson 6 - Final Project

Topics covered:
  • Final Project